If you haven’t read this book, make sure it’s the next one you read. It will literally give you an appreciation of what the term “sacrifice” means. A beautiful account of courage and determination that almost seems impossible to be true. But these events really did happen. And the people that it happened to survived to tell about it and go on to live productive lives. The only way anyone [...]

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I must admit that I was totally oblivious to the fact that the Tour De France wins piled up by Lance were bogus.  I, like everybody else , thought this was nothing short of incredible. As a matter of fact, I had made statements to the fact that he may be the greatest American athelete of my generation, if not all-time.  Shame on me. Makes you wonder what is real [...]

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    Earl Weaver  1-19-13 Stan “The Man” Musial- 1-20-13 Mayor Ed Koch 2-1-13 Jerry Buss 2-18-13 Jack Pardee 4-2-13 Margaret Thatcher 4-8-13 Frank Bank 4-15-13  a.k.a Lumpy Rutherford on Leave it to Beaver Pat Summerall 4-16-13 Jack Butler5 5-11-13 NFL Hall of Famer Ray Manzarek- 5-20-23 Jean Stapleton 6-1-13  Truly one of televisions great characters, Edith Bunker Deacon Jones 6-3-13  Member of the Fearsome Foursome. Great player Dennis Farina [...]

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Welcome to JPMsportsertainment.com. This is a site dedicated to the people out there that want to discuss events ranging from sports, history, entertainment and any other topics that are worthy of discussion. We do not claim to be right on every subject, but that is what makes this site interesting and we hope, fun. The comments of our readers is what we want to be the backbone of our site [...]

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