Just enjoy the colors of the Garden State……

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Oh, the power the “Fat Man” has over Woody Johnson! Sexy Rexy keeps his job and they trade the best player on the team (actually the best cornerback in the league). Incredible!!!!!  Why, because they don’t want to pay him? Mr. Johnson, how about asking the coach who is ripping you off to restructure HIS contract to keep a player who actually puts aside the circus show his coach has created [...]

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It was 223 years ago today (April 17th, 1790) that the great Ben Franklin passed away. From diplomat, to scientist, to inventor, this guy had an impact when he was alive and still does today. From the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this country to the reading glasses we wear, Mr. Franklin contributions should never be underestimated.

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Aside from reading the Warren Commission report itself, this book puts the conspiracy theories to rest. It is an incredibly detailed account of the events surrounding the assassination of JFK 50 years ago this November. Mr. Bugliosi took a totally unbiased and legal-minded approach to the topic and dispels the majority of theories surrounding who else was involved. The conclusion that comes out is that it was Oswald. And only [...]

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Well, one would have to think Tiger knew what he was doing when he took the illegal drop. I’m not one of the top players in the world and I know that! The right thing to do would have been to disqualify HIMSELF for a terrible lapse in judgment. This is the most prestigious golfing event in the world. The rules committee wasn’t going to do it, so he should [...]

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13 Straight: Blessing or Fools Gold? The red-hot Knicks have won 13 straight behind some amazing scoring performances by Carmelo Anthony. They have stepped up their defensive intensity by allowing just 93 points per game in their last ten games. The Knicks are shooting the 3-ball at an exceptionally high clip which can be a good thing or a bad thing.     The positives, first and foremost are that the [...]

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Face it Yankee fans, if this guy misses Opening Day on 4-1-13, he must not be recovering from that bad break he suffered in the post season. This isn’t a guy who will settle to be a mediocre ballplayer. He has a Hall of Fame work ethic and will settle for nothing less. I hope I am wrong, but the way he has been hobbling around, it doesn’t look good. [...]

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