42 was not just an entertaining movie for knowledgeable and nostaglic sports fans, it was an entertaining movie all around. I had never seen Chadwick Boseman in anything before to be honest, but I was very impressed with his fine portrayal of Jackie Robinson. And Harrison Ford’s role as Branch Rickey was a terrific performance as well. Thought Christopher Meloni as Leo Durocher was a bad miscast, but not enough to [...]

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The suspension of Ryan Braun hit the airwaves yesterday and rocked the baseball world. He has admitted to PED use and will not play for the rest of the season. The suspension is officially 65 games. Braun tried the Lance Armstrong tactic of denying use and throwing everyone he could under the bus to keep his name clean. Like Armstrong, his lies finally caught up to him when Anthony Bosch, [...]

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Congratulations to my nephew Brendan as he is the  new assistant coach/pitching coach for the UMass-Lowell Riverhawks. He is currently managing the Sag Harbor Whalers in the Hampton League. He lives and dies for baseball, so let’s keep an eye on him as Girardi can’t manage the Yankees forever! Stellar career at St. John’s and the minors. And was a helluva QB in HS as well. This has the makings of [...]

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It’s been 77 years since a Brit has won the men’s championship at Wimbledon in their own backyard. Until today. Andy Murray shocked Novak Djokovic to win the title. The perennial runner up to Roger, Rafael and Novak finally overcame the second place stigma and surprisingly beat the number one player in the world. With Federer getting long in tennis years and Nadal battling injuries, this may not be the [...]

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