Coming up on July 1-3 is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The Confederates attempt to bring the war to the North was repelled. At a cost of approximately 50,000 casualties. The bloodiest battle of the war. No question a turning point in the ultimate victory for the Union. We owe alot to those who fought and suffered through that terrible event.  Enough said. I went to [...]

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A golden opportunity for the Yankees to pick up a local prospect goes by the boards. Rob Kaminsky, a pitcher from St. Joseph Regional H.S. in Montvale, NJ will instead take his talents to St. Louis, as the Cards picked him 2 spots after the Yankees passed on him. Oh, did I mention that virtually nobody could hit his 90-plus mph fastball or Dwight Gooden like curve for 3 years? [...]

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Today the 113th annual U.S. Open will begin at Merion Golf Course in Pennsylvania. Any golf expert will tell you, that you can’t go wrong in picking one of the big 3 to win the tournament. (Tiger, Phil and Rory). With rain in the forecast all weekend anything is possible and there is no doubt you will see one of the big names fall behind early. I’m going to give [...]

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