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The Bills are For Real….no Josh-ing!

The start of the 2022 NFL season begins this week and early indications are the Buffalo Bills are the real deal! They started the season [...]

The Queen of Queens in Flushing NY

Minor League Baseball is Major Fun

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Veteran’s Day 2015

As we remember the end of WWII 70 years ago, it is only fitting that we remember those who fought, those who died and those [...]

70 years ago today………

The Day History Changed

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Price Waterhouse Bloopers……….

Embarrassing. Nothing more to say. How someone could hand Warren Beatty an envelope without checking what was inside is astonishing!!!! Really not a difficult task and [...]

Monaghan at the Oscars

Monaghan at the movies…

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League of Denial…….and Disgrace

First of all, the editor (me), loves the game of football. Let’s make that perfectly clear upfront. Played it, watched it, studied it.  We all [...]

Another Un-be-LEE-vable Event

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The start of the 2022 NFL season begins this week and early indications are the Buffalo Bills are the real deal! They started the season with a resounding win over the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. And they are being lead by the newest rising star in the league, Josh Allen. He has developed into a franchise QB in his fifth season after being selected #1 (seventh pick [...]

Well, as the old saying goes….didn’t see this coming! Plenty of storylines at this year’s US Open. Can Rafael Nadal continue his dominance and win yet another major? Would it be tainted because Novak Jokovic is absent because of vaccination status? That all remains to be seen, but there is a bigger story. Will Serena Williams pull a Rocky Balboa and shock the world with yet another Open title at [...]

Take Me Out to the Ballgame……one of the most widely known songs of all-time and not just by baseball fans. Wanted to share a little known secret that is fun for the whole family. The Yankees and the Mets are not the only game in town for baseball and soon to be baseball fans. Especially in today’s world where it is almost cost prohibitive for a family to go to [...]

  Calling all baseball fans and non-sports fans alike….. When we talk about role models in sports, there are very few to choose from. But Derek Jeter is one you can for sure put in this category. The ESPN 7-part documentary called “The Captain” on Jeter is must see TV. To begin with, he was one hell of a baseball player for the most well-known sports franchise in all of [...]

Oh, to be 23 years old and able to turn down a $440M contract! Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals just did that. The obvious reason is that some team will trade for him and pay him more than than $440M. He is still under contract through 2025, but this young star is a franchise type player and where ever he ends up, he will be the face of the [...]

Well, if there is any question that COVID has wreaked havoc on the entire globe, there really is no question it all.  It has. Most of us have been impacted in some shape or form (my self included) and apparently it may be with us for some time to come. And it affects sports indirectly as well. The US Open tennis championship is rapidly approaching and it won’t be as [...]

The Open Chamionship….no need to put a name before the tournament it is…. because for 150 years it has been THE major. And being played at St. Andrews just adds to the elegance of the game of golf. Yes, a different type of golf than the traditional US courses such as Augusta National and Baltasrol. But this is where it all started. That’s what makes it so special. We have [...]

And then there were four! After almost 2 weeks of amazing tennis at Wimbledon, we have reached the gentlemen’s semi-finals. You might recognize two of the names as they are arguably two of the best that have ever played the game. Nadal and Djokovic. Heard of them? They both survived 5-set thrillers to make it this far and are headed for a finals matchup which is only fitting for these [...]

Well, the hardest trophy to win in all of sports has finally been won by the Colorado Avalanche, and they had to knock off the 2-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning to do it!  A brutally hard fought series against the best goaltender in the world proved to be destiny for Colorado and the best players in the world. They appeard to have the team to do it for a [...]

Well its time to see how much money a sports athlete is worth? Well apparently a lot! And we are about to find out as Aaron Judge will be a free agent after this season. And he is most likely the MVP with the season he is having. But does that mean we are possibly talking about the a sports contract that will break records for a baseball player? I [...]