camWe all want to see the fairytale ending to a storied career of a class act like Peyton Manning.  But the fact that they are overmatched and will lose to a better team in Super Bowl 50 will not diminish Peyton’s legacy in the least.  He has been as good as anyone who has ever played QB in this league. The fact he even came back from a potentially dangerous injury, and to take yet another team to the big show, is remarkable. He doesn’t even have to win to solidify his place in history, which says more about him as a person than it does as a player. It has been a pleasure to watch him perform for all these years with grace, sportsmanship and talent. Thank you Mr. Manning.

Let’s hope that Cam Newton learns how to combine incredible talent with class. Winning the Super Bowl is only part of what it takes to be considered in the same breathe with someone like Peyton Manning.



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  1. jinxie says:

    I’m glad that Peyton was able to prove you wrong..and Cam has some room to improve on being a class act ..that’s for sure!

  2. Paul lawless says:

    Good Call Jim! Maybe your best one since Dewey defeats Truman!

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