Sid the Kid has lead the Canadian Olympic team to a second consecutive gold medal. A disappointment for the Americans, but simply put the Canadians were a better team. They needed a leader like Crosby to get them to the top. Give this young man credit as he has proven he comes up big. Especially after sustaining a severe concussion. He has nothing left to prove. Congrats Sidney!!!!!

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On February 17, 2014 at 8:38am, Logan James Miller entered the world!!!!!!!! Normally I don’t post birth announcements, but this has special meaning, as this is my first grandchild! And first child of proud parents Chris and Nikki (my son-in-law and daughter). You guys did great and will be wonderful parents. Thank you for the precious gift! If becoming a grandparent is supposed to signify “getting older”, so be it. Hey, let the old [...]

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  A fan has asked me to list a few of the movies that are considered a “must-see” from a perspective.. A few means Top 20-something. Aside from the number one movie(s) of all-time (Godfather I and II), the list is just that, a list. All-time The Godfather I and II The Deer Hunter Gone With the Wind The Public Enemy Angels With Dirty Faces Animal House The Best Years of [...]

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Wow, this was a surprise for all football fans, as there was a beat-down in the Meadowlands yesterday!!!! Didn’t see this coming.  But give credit to Russell Wilson. This young man really showed incredible poise in the biggest game a football player can participate in. A nice talented young man. Watched him play at Wisconsin and he always has represented himself as a humble man who just loves to play the [...]

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