Without question, Tom Brady is one of the best football players to ever play the game. I think we can all agree on that. Referred to as the GOAT (greatest of all time) by fans and media alike because of his unbeatable accomplishments on the field is high praise. No argument here. But now, even before his professional playing days have ended, he hits another jackpot by signing a deal with Fox Sports to be the lead analyst for NFL broadcasts when he “retires”. They are willing to pay him in excess of $35 million a year to describe the action on the field! Yes, you read this correctly. Just to decribe to the audience what is going on in the game we are watching! I certainly don’t begrudge Brady for taking what is is offered, as he has a very affluent lifestyle he needs to support. But as a sports fan, I have never and will never watch a game because of who is sitting in the broadcast booth. It’s just not that important to me to have one person’s opinion of what I can clearly see myself on television. But this goes to the reason why it is becoming so expensive to not only attend a game, but now to watch a game on TV. Somebody has to pay the cost of players, and now broadcasters, salaries. And that is us…..the fan. At some point I may just say enough is enough and refuse to pay unfair prices for the opportunity to watch this or any other sport. This is coming because if you want to watch football on Thursday night, you have to pay to get Amazon Prime or Apple TV. I know Sports with Mono and Mono is in the sports analysis business, but c’mon man! It is taking the joy out of the event itself by having to pay insane prices just for the privilege to watch a game. I know I have it in me to say no, because I have finally said no to the $17 beer at a football game. And that will only go up. So brace yourself sports fans, because what we thought was going to happen 20 years ago has now come to reality. It is becoming too costly to attend a game, and now too costly to even watch it on television. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? You bet there is!

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  1. dcruz says:

    Very well out Jim. $$$ has taken the fun of going to sporting events

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