jim3Welcome to JPMsportsertainment.com. This is a site dedicated to the people out there that want to discuss events ranging from sports, history, entertainment and any other topics that are worthy of discussion. We do not claim to be right on every subject, but that is what makes this site interesting and we hope, fun. The comments of our readers is what we want to be the backbone of our site and everyone’s opinion means something to us. We will try to not only engage in open dialogue with our readers, but hopefully we can provide some other valuable information that will make the reader find value in this site. We are excited to have folks from all walks of life share opinions and information that can benefit all of our readers. We want input from all of our guests because we believe that everybody has some opinion or information that can benefit others. You the reader is who will make this site a worthy stop┬áduring online surfing. Thank you very much in advance for helping to bring a useful and fun site to the internet world.

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  1. FrascoRealty@Verizon.Net says:

    James, this looks like a great start. mjf

  2. Jim Monaghan says:

    Thanks Matty. It yuo folks who will make or break the site’s success.

  3. butlet1 says:

    Jim, Long-time fan, first-time caller!
    Great site!
    Keep up the fine work…..very entertaining!
    Took a stroll around the NU campus last week, including the Mt.Eagle & Deveaux apts……wow, what a change.

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