Well, as the old saying goes….didn’t see this coming! Plenty of storylines at this year’s US Open. Can Rafael Nadal continue his dominance and win yet another major? Would it be tainted because Novak Jokovic is absent because of vaccination status? That all remains to be seen, but there is a bigger story. Will Serena Williams pull a Rocky Balboa and shock the world with yet another Open title at the ripe “old” age of 41?  She has made this all possible by advancing through the first two rounds with wins over two very good young ladies so far. And each night she has 25,000 fans rooting her on which, from an adrenaline perspective, can only help her chances. She is beloved in the world of tennis and arguably the GOAT on the court for this and maybe all generations in the tennis world. But the road will only get tougher as she advances through the tournament and will have to face tougher opponents to win the title. Her determination seems to be unwavering and it would truly be a storybook close to an already fantastic career. And this will only inspire more girls to take up the sport and possibly have them realize their dreams just as she has. That is what makes sports so important to the fabric of society. Dreams can actually come true if you put your heart and soul into making it happen. Sure it is a very long shot, but Serena has shown that it is indeed possible. Growing up in Compton, CA with the odds clearly stacked against her, she is yet again on the grandest of all tennis stages with another major title at stake. Don’t ask me to bet against it, because I never root against someone who has proven her skeptics wrong time and time again. Talk about must see TV!  Enjoy the show folks because the script to this movie is still being written as we speak.

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