Take Me Out to the Ballgame……one of the most widely known songs of all-time and not just by baseball fans. Wanted to share a little known secret that is fun for the whole family. The Yankees and the Mets are not the only game in town for baseball and soon to be baseball fans. Especially in today’s world where it is almost cost prohibitive for a family to go to a Major League game between tickets, parking and food. Sure, we all want to see Aaron Judge and Pete Alsonso hit home runs and watch Jacob DeGrom and Max Scherzer pitch, but not all of us can afford that luxury. An alternative I would recommend is take the family to a Minor League game at a stadium near you. There are many of them across the country and not only are the stadiums beautiful, they are affordable and a fun experience for everyone. Just attended a Sussex Miners at Skylands Stadium in Augusta, NJ and it was a great time and saw quality baseball by players that aspire to play in the Majors someday. My nephew was a player in the Baltimore Orioles minor league system and had the good fortune of seeing him play at various stadiums such as in Lakewood, Somerset and Newark NJ. Talk about a fan/kid friendly atmosphere in beautiful facilites and it won’t break the bank for the typical family! Giveaways for fans, affordable prices for tickets and food at resonable prices and seats that are as close to the field as you can get. What else could you ask for with your entertainment dollar for the kids? Wanted to extend a big thank you to Justin Ferrarella (Miners GM) and the Miners organization for a great time and fun experience. Just to see the smiling faces on the young kids was worth the price of admission (which is about $15!). And they also host charity events for the community and promotional events which even include a fireworks show after the game with the price of admission. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck! Sports with Mono and Mono highly recommends taking the whole family to one of these games. You will not be disappointed!

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