Calling all baseball fans and non-sports fans alike….. When we talk about role models in sports, there are very few to choose from. But Derek Jeter is one you can for sure put in this category. The ESPN 7-part documentary called “The Captain” on Jeter is must see TV. To begin with, he was one hell of a baseball player for the most well-known sports franchise in all of sports, the New York Yankees, for 20 seasons. And he won 5 World Series championships (and could have won 2 more if the ball bounced their way). And he was nothing short of class both on and off the field. A true leader in every sense of the word. And it all started with the values instilled in him by his parents. He had to endure the racism which has been tearing this country apart forever. But he never let it deter him from his dream of playing shortstop for the Yankees. And his determination that winning wasn’t something, it was everything. And he was successful in that goal he set for himself as a young child. But it didn’t stop just on the field as he eventually became the first black owner in Major League history. He also named the first woman to become a full-time general manager in all of sports. So it wasn’t race or gender that drove him to achieve these milestones, it was what was best for the job he undertook. That is what Derek Jeter is all about. As a player, as an owner, and yes…as a role model. We may never see the likes of Jeter again in what he brought to the world of sports, but what he brought to the youth of yesterday and today. You don’t have to be a Yankee fan to appreciate what Derek Jeter accomplished, just that dreams can indeed come true if you try hard enough. He is that personified. I encourage parents of kids today to watch this inspirational portrayal of an athlete and human being. I am fortunate to have witnessed this first-hand, and you will be just as fortunate to watch it with your kids. As Sports with Mono and Mono would say….two-thumbs up! Thank you Derek for the impact you have had, and will have for years to come.

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