Well, if there is any question that COVID has wreaked havoc on the entire globe, there really is no question it all.  It has. Most of us have been impacted in some shape or form (my self included) and apparently it may be with us for some time to come. And it affects sports indirectly as well. The US Open tennis championship is rapidly approaching and it won’t be as special because we are going to be missing the usual suspects Jokavic, Federer and Nadal. Injuries we can understand, but the defending Wimbledon champion Novak won’t be participating because he remains steadfast in his position to chose to remain unvaccinated. Which of course is his right to do so. And we have to respect that right. None of us really know what is right and what is wrong in combating this horrific disease. And if the rules prohibit unvaccinated players from participating, then we must abide by said rules. But it will take away form the lore of such a great annual tournament when the best in the world can’t play. Especially while he is chasing tennis immortality by winning yet another Grand Slam title. I have grown to appreciate his stance but wish this didn’t have to occur. We the fans lose out but have to understand that this is bigger than The Joker. The health and well-being of the general public is more important than a tennis tournament. But we will for sure miss his greatness. I will of course watch the Open, and there will be excitement and surprises, but only until COVID is in the rear view mirror will we get back to “normal” in the world of sports. Sports with Mono and Mono wishes all our loyal listeners the best of health in avoiding what has already taken over one million lives of our fellow citizens. Sports is always secondary, but hopefully we get back to what makes sports great…the best competing against the best, which is why sports is so important to us. Stay well friends.

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