And then there were four! After almost 2 weeks of amazing tennis at Wimbledon, we have reached the gentlemen’s semi-finals. You might recognize two of the names as they are arguably two of the best that have ever played the game. Nadal and Djokovic. Heard of them? They both survived 5-set thrillers to make it this far and are headed for a finals matchup which is only fitting for these sports icons. Sports with Mono and Mono has discussed on our podcast many times that there is a pending “changing of the guard” as Rafa, Joker and Roger are coming close to the end of their brilliant careers and a lot of young guns looking to make a name for themselves the way these three have. But not just yet. Nadal should handle Kyrgios because Nick is not disciplined enough to take onĀ  the experienced Nadal and hasn’t yet won a Grand Slam event. Joker has a tougher match to win first as the hometown favorite Camaron Norrie will have all of Great Britain behind him as he takes on the world’s #1 player. Doesn’t get any better than this. But it is the match me and all tennis fans want to see and both of them will not disappoint. Now comes the tricky part…… about picking which one of these legends will raise the coveted trophy at the All-England Club. NadalĀ  is a bit older appears to be battling some physical challenges while Novak appears to be fit as fiddle and a tad younger. I think this may make the difference as he is determined to be the all-time champion of winning Grand Slam events. My heart is pulling for Nadal as he has been a classy champion for many years and people keep writing him off while he keeps on winning. But Djokovic is just as hell bent on being considered the greatest of all time. It won’t be easy but he will prevail in this must-see Wimbledon final. Unless it’s my funeral, nothing will prevent me from watching this match. Brings back memories of days gone by with the McEnroe/Borg/Conners/Lendl epic battles. That was yesterday. This is today. Enjoy the theater!

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