Well its time to see how much money a sports athlete is worth? Well apparently a lot! And we are about to find out as Aaron Judge will be a free agent after this season. And he is most likely the MVP with the season he is having. But does that mean we are possibly talking about the a sports contract that will break records for a baseball player? I believe that would be a safe bet. Why? Because he is a Yankee and that is the most recognizable franchise in all of sports. And he is beloved by not just New York fans, but by fans in every city in the country. So he will only have to struggle through this season making $19M for this season. Until the motherload comes in. But it’s a win-win for Judge, The Yankees and all of baseball. His character alone is marketable for a franchise that has past legends like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Munson and of course Jeter. And he plays in New York and happens to be a helluva a ballplayer and has only reached the age of 30 years old. So what kind of money are we talking about? A lot. But this kid is different and he has exhibited such class and baseball potential that he should be the next highest paid player in the game. At least Harper money. And Sports with Mono and Mono feels is this a  no-brainer for all parties involved. He wants to go down as a member of a very elite class in baseball and eventaully retiring with his name and number in Monument Park in Yankee Stadium. Nothing more sacred than that, Yankee fan or not! But remember, the more money the players make, the more it costs us to go see them play. So that is the question. And we will find out the answer after the season. But right now, let’s enjoy the season him and the Yankees are having (which is close to unprecedented as the first third of the season is in the books). But he is a star worth rooting for and he will not be playing anywhere else for the next 6-7 years but NY and the wearing the the pinstripes of the New York Yankees. Even if it cost the team $40M a year. His box office appeal with cover that ten fold. All Rise!!!!!

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