As winter takes its curtain call on the East Coast, that can only mean one thing…..its time for the Masters! The most prestigious golf tournament in the world is less than 2 weeks away. And the story we didn’t expect to be talking about is whether Tiger Woods will be in the field. But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Besides Jack Nicklaus, Tiger is the most beloved player at Augusta National and his passion for the tournament is just as intense. Only 14 months ago, it seemed inconceivable that this would be even a possibility considering the devastating car accident he was involved in and the seriousness of his leg injury. But here we are and it is a very real possibility that he will look to win his 6th Masters title, tying him with the Golden Bear. He is there in Augusta now playing a practice round with his son Charley to see if he can seriously compete with the best golfers in the world. Don’t count on it because he will have to walk the course in all four rounds, which he has not done since winning the tournament 2 years ago, and he is overcoming a very serious fracture to his leg. The mind may be willing but the body has the ultimate say. BUT, don’t bet against it! That is how much playing this particular tournament means to this man. And if there is one golfer that can muster the fortitude to compete, it is him. he will only do this if he feels he can win this and not just compete. He knows it would detract from the others players and the tournament in general if he just does it for show and he has too much respect for the game and his fellow golfers to do that. But it would be a remarkable story if he does determine he can legitimately compete against the worlds best. We will know the answer to this question in a few days, but the fact we are discussing this is the story itself. I for one am rooting for him because he has meant so much to the game. He has been such a force in the world of sports than if your are rooting against him, there must be an underlying reason besides how great he has been for the game of golf. The Masters itself is what all golf fans wait for every year, and seeing one of the best golfers of all time play in it yet again, would a story that would attact non-golf fans as well. Let’s wait and listen for roar which is Tiger!

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