Well, here we are again discussing the number one thing we always seem to discuss in sports…..money! And this time it is in baseball, and not football. Since the lockout has ended, the treasury which is major league baseball, has opened the vault to sign the big names which will bring a World Series title to their respective city. Scherzer, Bryant, Correa, Story, etc…… all got the big bucks (very big bucks!) But now there is another dilemma. Aaron Judge. Do the Yankees, the marquee franchise in all of sports, keep who is arguably one of the best and most promising top ten young players in all of baseball, sign him to a 6-8 year (or maybe longer like a Mike Trout deal) contract that will, based on the market, amount to possibly $40,000,000 or more a year? Well, let’s weigh the pro’s and con’s. Pro’s…potential is unlimited, talent is undeniable, likeability factor through the roof, perfect role model to attract new fans to the game. Con’s… Durability factor worth considering (been unable to stay healthy and on the field consistently), financial impact to the overall cost of attending a game in person to pay that type of salary, living up to the legacy that is being the face of the New York Yankees like his predecessors that are Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and the most recent…Jeter. These are very big shoes to assume a young man like Aaron can fill.
The pressure would be a mammoth undertaking. But considering all these factors, the answer has to be an unequivable yes! It is worth the risk. This is what these guys are making now and will be making more of as time goes by. So, when you get a talent like Judge, you have to make the committment. Whether he turns out to be the player we hope he will be remains to be seen. But this is beneficial for both the Yankess and for Judge. The Yankees will continue to make astronomical amounts of money because they are the Yankees and Judge will be a millionaire multiple times over, whether or not he becomes the legend we hope he will be. I’m betting this is a win/win for both sides. And Aaron Judge is a role model which is deperately needed in the world today. I know the numbers are hard to comprehend for a baseball player, but after all….it’s just money, right?!!!! We will discuss this more in detail on Sports with Mono and Mono, but for now… All Rise for the Judge!!!!

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