I know it is a tad early, but one of the premier sporting spectacules of the year is just around the corner. March Madness!!!! College basketball kind of gets lost in the shuffle of the NFL playoffs, the mid-way point of the NBA season and of course the “pending” start of the Major League baseball season. But that is temporarily on hold while the lockout continues. So college basketball prepares to move front and center of the sports world as teams prepare to wait for the call that they made (or didn’t) make the NCAA tournament. It’s always a topic of debate about who should and shouldn’t make the tournament, but one thing that is certain is there will always be a sleeper team that makes a name for themselves as they try and win  the national championship. Some teams will get automatic bids by winning their conference tournament, while others will get in by having a succesful season overall and other teams will make the tournament based on the selection committee decision on whatever criteria they deem will make the tournament competitive and exciting. The usual suspects such as Duke, Gonzaga, Arizona and Virginia will most likely make the Big Dance, but others will make it based on merit. A few years ago, Loyola-Chicago captivated the basketball world by making the Final Four, and this year will be no different as an unexpected team will make noise by at least making the Sweet Sixteen. That is what makes this tournament so exciting. Who will be that team be this year? Stay tuned. But this will also be the last time Coach K walks the sideline in the tournament as he moves into retirement. So can Duke give him a well deserved sendoff or will another sleeper team ruin his going away party? Stay tuned. Good luck filling out your bracket as the tournament begins, but don’t expect things to go as planned. It never does! That’s part of the alure of college basketball and the NCAA tournament. Sports with Mono and Mono will of course discuss this on the show and share our Final Four selections as we approach the most exciting sporting event of the year! Enjoy the show and good luck in your office pool.

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