I guess when you think you have a lot to say and are still building an online audience with a podcast, then the best way to share these thoughts would be to put those thoughts down on paper and let the reader make an assessment as to whether or not they would read a second “column”. So, that is what I aim to do with this inaugural “column”. Obviously, by way of introduction, my name is Jim Monaghan, and I do a weekly sports podcast with my younger brother Steve called “Sports with Mono and Mono”. “mono” was our nickname when we were younger even though there is only one “O” in our last name! We have been doing it for a couple of years now, and starting to gather a following (slowly but surely!) Our show can be found on YouTube.com and also SoundCloud.com. Just type our name in the search field on either site, and you can listen to our show and become a loyal listener! And also send us an email at sportswithmonoandmono@gmail.com We are also beginning to do video of the show, and a few are up on BlackjackTV.net. We truly believe we know sports (but doesn’t everybody who has a show?!!!?) We try and infuse some humor into our topics and mix in some entertainment and notable references to people who made some type of impact in their specific field as well with our sports talk. We think you’ll find it informative, interactive and entertaining! We can’t wait to get guests and call in feature as we want you all to be part of our show!!! It doesn’t matter what sport you follow most or what your favorite team is. We cover a broad range of topics and are objective in our approach. Or at least we try to be. But we will certainly be respectful of our fans opinions, even if they differ from ours. That much you can be assured of. Be part of our discussions and know that we appreciate your thoughts and participation in what we cover from week to week. After all, a show is only as good as the people who join us in discussing the world of sports. After all, there is never any shortage of material to debate.Antique portrait of famous men: Walter William Skeat

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