Is there any wonder the Milwaukee Bucks have been at the bottom of the league for years now? And then they give away 2 draft picks (usually the way to rebuild a crumbling franchise) to secure the rights to hire Jason  Kidd? Huh? What in the world has this guy done to be a “must have” for this team?  I must be missing something. Kidd was barely over .500 with a fairly decent team. This should be a good example of why the NBA is in trouble. Coaches making demands with no proven track record. We know he got the job because his buddy owns the team, but what about the fans……don’t they deserve to get someone who has actually won as a coach in this league?  If I was a Bucks season ticket holder in Milwaukee (one of about 500 probably), I would start by giving up my tickets and getting on the waiting list for Packer season tickets, because they seem to care about the fans!bucks

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