Killing_KennedyKillingKennedy_045oswaldBill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s second book together, Killing Kennedy, is an outstanding read on a subject that has fascinated generations. It’s a little different than their first book, Killing Lincoln, in that it focuses more on who may have had a motive for wanting the President dead. It is not biased one way or the other, and there are legitimate theories as to why someone or some group would want JFK out of the way. The approach to the book is right on the mark because nobody disputes that Booth killed Lincoln and Oswald shot Kennedy, but were they acting alone? That is the question that the reader must answer for themselves. The books’ intent is not to sway a view in either direction, but rather to lay out different possibilities for the reader to consider. My personal view is that it was Oswald alone, but read the book and make up your own mind. A highly recommended read.

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