Giants-Broncos recap The Giants were trounced in their home-opener against Denver 41-23. The big brother showed the little brother how to carve up a defense, and little brother showed big brother how to be careless with the football. The Giants running game was non-existant, and I mean that in a literal sense. They averaged 1.2 yards a carry which is worse than pathetic, its downright laughable. David Wilson had about as terrible a start to the season as someone can have, but he is still our most explosive running back. He deserved more than 7 carries in that game. Brandon Jacobs is still getting back into the swing of things, but he didn’t look effective at all either. Wilson needs to be a big part of the offense if the Giants are going to be successful this year. Coughlin and the staff can teach him to limit the fumbles and they can do it quickly. There is no QB I would want leading my team then Eli but he is really disappointing me with his decision making in the first 2 weeks. I know not all of the picks have been his fault, but this guy has been the definition of feast or famine. In the first 2 weeks, Cruz and Nicks have been dominant and proven they can get open whenever they want. Randle has been coming along nicely, save for a fumble that negated a Touchdown. Brandon Myers has shown he can get open too, and Eli has been clicking with all of them. They are going up and down the field at will. The only problem is at crucial times in the game the ball has ended up in the other teams hands, and that cannot happen. Some of the blame is given to everybody. Eli has to make better decisions, but the line has to keep him clean and the receivers have to run better routes and make the play. The Giants kicked the tires on Kerry Rhodes this week and I am all for signing him. Mundy and Rolle have been okay but Fewell likes a 3rd safety in the mix. The defense is okay but can be better at getting to the quarterback, which will come when JPP gets healthier. Terrell Thomas looks like he did 2 years ago and that is a positive sign.
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