Giants Serve Cowboys on a Silver Platter     The New York Giants had worked all off-season looking towards their Week 1 match up with their arch-rival the Dallas Cowboys. When they lined up to run their first play of the season, they didn’t imagine the ball ending up in the hands of DeMarcus Ware.     That only foreshadowed what was going to come for Big Blue, who coughed up the ball 6 times, tying a team record leading to 26 easy points for the Cowboys. Despite the inexcusable sloppiness, the Giants had the ball down 30-24 at midfield with 2:00 to play. Every Giant fan knows that Eli is the guy you want with the ball in that situation, but surprisingly he threw a screen pass off the hands of Da’Rel Scott and into Brandon Carr’s. Eli added a garbage time TD to Brandon Myers but it wasn’t enough. 36-31 Loss.     I agree with Coughlin’s decision to bench David Wilson after his second fumble of the game, but I do not think Wilson should sit the bench to start next week’s game. The Giants will no doubt be in a shootout in next weeks game and will need Wilson’s explosiveness to compete with Peyton Manning. They are working out Willis McGahee and our old friend Brandon Jacobs tomorrow at the facility, and I expect one if not both to be signed. That type of veteran presence can only help David.     There were two bright spots to this game that encourages me that the Giants will be okay moving forward. One of them is, that Eli and our top 3 Receivers (Cruz, Nicks, Randle) seem to be on the same page. Each of them tallied over 100 yards receiving and Cruz had 3 TD’s. Cruz is a great slot receiver but I feel he owes a lot of his success in last nights game to Randle, who proved that he was a force to be reckoned with on the outside. While Dallas keyed on Cruz and Nicks, Randle toasted man coverage catching 5 balls for 101 yards. When Dallas caught on to that, Cruz was able to sneak away from double coverage a lot easier to catch his 2nd and 3rd Touchdowns of the game.     Believe it or not I was very excited about how the Giants defense played in last nights game. Prince Amukamara was excellent against Dez Bryant until he left the game with a concussion. Prince will also be needed next week. The pass rush wasn’t there much of the game, but when the Giants needed a big stop late, they sacked Romo twice in a row to get the ball back to Eli. After the game, Romo admitted that the Giants changed up their look against him and stuck to it. They played bend but don’t break defense and it was very effective. It’s a shame that the offense couldn’t stop handing points away or this may have been a convincing win for the G-Men. Later in the Week: A look ahead to Denver
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  1. Jim Monaghan says:

    I would be shocked if they can’t find somebody better to play running back than Brandon Jacobs! Wilson will learn from this and be a player. But it’s tough to get out of Coach Coughlin’s doghouse.

    • ddepreker21 says:

      I always liked Jacobs, and I think being away from the game cured his attitude problem. There may have been more talent out there but Jacobs knows the offense and, most importantly, knows how to protect Eli!

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