Well, we have seen some sleazy coaches in the NFL, but we now have a new #1. “Coach”…….hard to use that phrase for Rex……Ryan has been trying his best to get the axe. But unfortunately for him, the owner of the Jets has no clue about running a football team and will keep him on to finish the complete demolition of the New York Jets franchise.  Rex putting Mark Sanchez in a pre-season game in the 3rd quarter and risking injury (which of course happened) is just horrific. Without question, just outrageous!!!

Sanchez has struggled admittedly the past 2 seasons, but playing for this guy will ruin anyone’s career. The kid didn’t play QB at USC without talent, but he played in a bad system. Mark, you are going to be better in the long run playing for anybody but this guy. Your coach will tell you that it was “his” defense that got you to 2 straight AFC Championship games, but you played a part and have acted with nothing but class since the team started to fall apart.

There is probably no doubt that Ryan will land another job in this once proud league (hard to believe, right?), but owners beware………if you have a classy franchise and have talented players, send a message to this guy and have him watch the games on TV like the rest of us.


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  1. TAMONAGHAN says:

    While I continue to have no respect for Rex Ryan as a Head Coach, I do recognize how difficult it undoubtedly is to be coaching in this “lame duck” situation that his moronic owner, Woody Johnson, placed him in. Clearly, Ryan should have been terminated with his pal Mike Tannenbaum last year for the gradual disinigration of this team. Retaining Ryan for the last year of his contract made any significantly qualified General Manager candidate immediately eliminate themselves for even interviewing for the Jets’ opening. It truly does. “start at the top”. Regardless, Mr. Idzik was interviewed and accepted the position of General Manager (such a qualified candidate that he was not interviewed for ANY of the six GM openings in the NFL this past offseason). He deserves an opportunity to distinguish himself in the position. However, he’s not off to an impressive start.

    Ryan should have been fired immediately after the Giants’ pre-season game. Putting his only experienced QB (regardless of what you think of his ability) into the garbage time of meaningless pre-season game was nothing but an attempt at organizational sabotage. There is no plausible explanation for it under any circumstances. There isn’t a Head Coach, at any level of organized football, that would of done that…especially after seeing the performance of the GM’S second round draft choice that evening. Secondly, Ryan decides to leave the team offices on Saturday, final cut-down day in the National Football League, to travel to South Carolina to watch his son dress for Clemson’s home opener. Every Head Coach in professional football was in their respective offices, bringing young men in and, while expressing gratitude for their efforts for the last 6 weeks, had to tell them they would not make the roster. It’s a heartbreaking process, no doubt. But it’s the responsibility of the Head Coach. He’s the one person that each of those young men were trying to impress enough to perhaps change their lives forever. It’s the Head Coach, who owes every one of them, the courtesy of looking them in the eye and shaking their hand…to thank them for their efforts. This bum Ryan decides to skip town instead…not for a family funeral…but a tailgate party in a Clemson parking lot. Another veiled attempt to self-destruct. Incredibly, Idzik allowed it to happen…unless he’s being overruled by that idiot Johnson (which must be the case).

    But Ryan, if he’s inherited anything from his father Buddy, certainly lacks the comprehension of professionalism. That’s my point. This lame duck status is an awful situation…but true leaders are the ones who deal with adversity. This bum is just mailing it in and doesn’t care who knows it. He’s a disgrace to the profession of coaching…exactly as his father was. That clown used to think he deserved the same respect and acclaim as the Landrys, the Shulas, and the Nolls, just because he had the same job. But he, like his son, lacked what it takes to be a leader. I can only hope that this totally unprofessional behavior by Rex Ryan will result in him never getting another defensive coordinator job in the NFL. Let’s get him right up in the booth or studio on TV…HE’S SOOOOO FUNNY. That way, we’ll all have the ability to turn off the sound.

  2. Jim Monaghan says:

    He is probably already negotiating his deal with ESPN. I hate to say it, but some NFL team may actually hire this bum!

  3. Paul lawless says:

    After his run with the JETS is over Rex will have a long career as a character actor playing the stereotypical middle school gym teacher.

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