Just when we thought that sports personality pay has reached astronomical levels with NBA players routinely making $40 M per year and other sports not far behind, we’ve come to a new level of greed with the world of professional golf. Yes…..golf. The PGA tour has long been the only game in town for the best players in the world. But now, the LIV tour is now trying to entice the best players to join this new tour with absurd sign on bonuses and tournament purses that the PGA tour cannot match. But this is a little different because it is funded by the Saudi government, where money is so abundant that it seems incomprehensible to the average person in this country. But there is the human side of life which is being compromised by some of the worlds best players. We all know the Saudi’s record on human rights is deplorable to a new level, but that doesn’t seem to matter to guys like Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and other former top players. As we have spoken many times on Sports with Mono and Mono, everything comes down to the money. Period. And these guys have chosen the almighty buck over decency and common sense. I suppose you can’t blame anyone for getting what they can, but aren’t solid principles supposed to matter for something? I certainly believe they should. I applaude the PGA’s stance to say if you choose money over common morality, then you can no longer participate on the tour which makes the golfers millionaires already, and just as much for charitable causes. If you want to play on a tour which is okay with violating human rights and in some notable cases, okay with the killing of an American citizen because he disagrees with the governmental regime, then go right ahead. But the door back to the PGA Tour is closed. And there is no returning. So enjoy the un-godly amount of money you will make playing the game of golf. But your legacies….. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Norman, Mr. Mickelson and company are forever tarnished in the eyes of me and millions of other golf fans. So if that is not important to you guys, then enjoy your new Tour! Good riddance. You can watch the Ryder Cup from the comfort of your yachts!

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