Wow, welcome to the world of notoriety Malcolm Butler! Incredible play to seal the Belichick/Brady legend in one of the great Super Bowls of all-time. Yes, we all knew that Lynch was going to carry the Seahawks to their second straight championship. All of us but Pete Carroll! Regardless of the poor play call, the credit goes to Butler for being where he was supposed to be and making a great interception. And he handled himself with grace and class in the postgame. Humbled by what he just did to give Mr. Kraft and Company their 4th title in 14 years. Way to go kid! Keep your head on straight and relish the moment you made for yourself. And for your team. And for the New England fans!

And if there are any Belichick detractors left, time to believe the coaching greatness of this man. 4 Super Bowls! Enough said. And what can you say about Tom Brady? Just one of the best ever. Never lost his composure and showed why he is THE greatest 6th round draft choice in NFL history.

Congratulations to the Patriots. Nobody can “take the air” out of this victory!!!!!!!bradybelichick

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