This certainly has to go under the tab of “entertainment” as it was one of the funniest shows on television the past few months. In particular Anthony Weiner attempting a political comeback after embarrassing himself online with his shirtless selfies. The gall of him to try and run for one of the most high profile politcal jobs in the country after his ridiculous escapades. You have to tip your hat to the guy who confronted him in the deli last week (I’m sure you can view that online). Well, we no longer have to worry about seeing him as he came in at the bottom of a crowded field.

Mr. Spitzer also lost his bid to run the finances of NYC. Although I believe he is a strong political advocate for the people, asking the people to elect you to office is asking for trust. If you have proven yourself to be untrustworthy, you can’t expect people to give you that trust. The people have spoken. Time to find another occupation gentlemen.

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  1. Tiswell says:

    Well at least he had nothing to hide (or anywhere to hide it)

    These politicians should have a reality show, that is, once they figure out what reality is!

  2. bcgal says:

    Well put. I couldn’t agree more!

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