JackThe NFL recently elected a new class to the Hall of Fame. Warren Sapp was elected to the HoF!  Yes, you read this right. The same Hall that has Roger Staubach, Merlin Olsen, Dick Butkus, Johnny U, Reggie White, Jack Butler (pictured)etc. These are guys that played every week for years and were great while they were doing it! How many “great years” did this guy have? Certainly not enough for the Hall of Fame!  And guys like Joe Klecko and Charles Haley don’t  even get a look?  What a joke!  Mind you, this type of disservice to the aformentioned gentlemen has been done already ago when Howie Long and Dan Hampton were enshrined. Are these guys in the same class as Bruce Smith, Gino Marchetti, Chuck Bednarick, Lawrence Taylor? Certainly not. Not even close! Yes, they had some really good years, but please remember that the Hall of Fame is supposed to be reserved for those deserving. Being good is not what the Hall of Fame is supposed be about. It’s about being the best at what you did.



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  1. ddepreker21 says:

    Do you think Strahan should have made the HOF before Warren Sapp? I thought Strahan getting in 1st ballot was a lock.

  2. Jim Monaghan says:

    Well, he certainly had more productive years than Sapp, but he wasn’t a first ballot guy either. He will get in next year as he is now a member of the media.

  3. FrankF says:

    Though I like Strahan I hate Sapp. Sapp, who drops F bombs on camera, caught with drugs and who stands 2nd in sack totals for a D tackle. He ranks like 30th overall. Maybe we should reward quarterbacks and kickers with the most tackles. As for Strahan he hit paydirt when he started guest appearances with Regis and Kelly. Now he’s on the cover of magazines and the reason the show is so popular. I have my own reservations that I’ll keep to myself as to not incriminate any of your audience. Some forget this guy beat a couple of his ex wives, beat a couple of his ex partners and maybe soon walking down the isle with Eddie Murphy’s ex wife. He’s another guy who keeps getting break after break. His popularity may be due to his stupidity !!

    • Jim Monaghan says:

      Amazing what a short memory people have about the Strahan off the field antics. Wasn’t lost on me! But he will be celebrated as a legend when he is elected next year. And of course his new TV star status guarantees that. Same road Howie Long took to get in. The real football fans know that the HoF is no longer due to what you did on the field. Who get’s in next Pacman Jones?!!!

  4. Carlos Danger II says:

    Jimbo, some simple advice if you sincerely wish to hit a big payday with this site….ditch the Gmen and come to the promise land…..Pittsburgh PA….(aka..Sixburgh) the home of greatest professional sports team on the planet…Go Steelers!

    • Jim Monaghan says:

      Hey Carlos, Just as an fyi, I think the Steelers teams of the 70′s are the best I have seen in my life, so they get they their props from me. The Butler’s, the Lambert’s, the Greene’s, the Harris’s are in the Monaghan hall of fame. But Lawrence Taylor is the best player I have ever seen. I’ll stick with Eli and Co.

      • bman says:

        thanks for sticking with the G Men Jim. It pains me to see LT struggle in the after football life. He was a GREAT player. Great site by the way! For those of you who are new to the site, Jim is the most interesting man in the world and I can assure you, he does not drink Dos Equis. His site is worth checking out.

      • Don Orlowski says:

        40 years is a very long time ago.
        What do they have now? Big Ben ? A real class act

  5. Jim Monaghan says:

    Thanks “bman”. Keep coming back as there will be more interesting stuff to come!

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